For Parents and Professionals

The CoParenting Toolkit, book, author Isolina Ricci

The inspiring new supplement for
the classic Mom's House, Dad's House

For Separated, Divorced, and Blended Families

This book is packed with a treasure trove of fresh new strategies including advanced versions of selected time-tested solutions from its partner, Mom's House, Dad's House.

  • Enhance your strengths
  • Use 3 essential Guides for success
  • Heal hurt and hard feelings
  • Manage successful emails, texts, meetings
  • Healthy schedules and transitions
  • Upgrade your Parenting Plan
Plus, what kids need you to know, keeping kids out of the middle,
problem-solving guides, parenting tips, and much more…

Inspiring, Practical, Interactive, Easy to Use

This is a real toolkit!

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Best I have seen in this kind of book!... has more useful and practical information in fewer pages than any other author on this topic. It's actually fun to read.

—Philip Reedy, MA, former Education Coordinator,
California Statewide Office of Family Court Services

Dr. Ricci has done it again! The CoParenting Toolkit will likely become the resource manual for co-parents, their attorneys, and mediators trying to navigate the complexities of coparenting in today's world. The practical recommendations and hints for success are worth the price of the book. The vignettes help parents know there are others who have similar, yet solvable problems. Kids' Turn is pleased to recommend this to families enrolled in our services.
— Claire N. Barnes, MA
Executive Director, Kids' Turn
Best I have seen in this kind of book! Isolina Ricci has managed to get more useful and practical information in fewer pages than any other author on this topic. It's actually fun to read. The CoParenting Toolkit is easy on the eye, and the layout allows readers to digest material rapidly. This book is a fit for a high school level reader or a professor in psychology—and that is hard to accomplish. I am looking forward to distributing this book to my colleagues in the family court and parent education.
—Phillip Reedy, MA
Family Court Mediator, former Education
Coordinator, California Statewide Office of
Family Court Services
In this new book, Isolina Ricci provides a rich, concise, and highly readable manual for parents coping with the difficult process of coparenting after divorce. She expands upon ideas presented in her classic book, Mom's House, Dad's House, by giving parents specific guidelines to help them navigate the confusing process of learning how to negotiate parenting together after divorce. In a reader-friendly format, Dr. Ricci helps parents define their goals and provides them with tools that will make coparenting work for them. This is an excellent resource that belongs on the shelves of all professionals who work with divorced parents.
— Constance Ahrons, Ph.D.
Author of The Good Divorce and We're Still Family
The CoParenting Toolkit is one of those books you hope every single parent and coparent will read and use. It's practical, inspiring, and easyto- use. The Quizzes and Guidelines were my favorites.
—Linda Delbar, BSN, School Nurse (retired) Divorce is a maelstrom with potentially devastating consequences for both parents and children. Isolina Ricci's CoParenting Toolkit provides an eminently do-able set of steps to help calm the storm and create a constructive parenting plan for the whole family's benefit. This is an enormous contribution to the cause of effective parenting and the well-being of the children of divorce.
—Jeff Gillenkirk, author of Home, Away The CoParenting Toolkit is a very helpful book. Parents will appreciate Dr. Ricci's kindly encouragement, practical tips, and wise advice. After reading this book parents will understand the meaning of coparenting and be better prepared to decide whether or how it might work for them and their children.
—Professor Nancy Ver Steegh,
William Mitchell College of Law
Dr. Ricci continues to offer practical, positive structures for parents. Toolkit is also a map to new parenting destinations and can be kept close-at-hand while the new routes are learned.
—Hon. Susan Snow, (Ret), Family Law Judge,
Past-President of Association of Family and
Conciliation Courts